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A Partnership Designed with You in Mind

JellieFish Productions and Etre Farms offer a unique partnership that blends breathtaking surroundings with top-tier, personalized DJ services. We are dedicated to delivering a wedding experience that is both luxurious and effortlessly smooth, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your special day with peace of mind.

Finest Standards from
JellieFish Productions at
Être Farms

Celebrate your wedding in grand style with JellieFish Productions, the resident DJ at the elite Être Farms. Together, we promise a wedding experience that is as unique and luxurious as you are.

When you book JellieFish Productions at Être Farms, you are choosing an unparalleled wedding experience. Our expert DJ services perfectly complement the elegance of Être Farms, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your day. We pride ourselves on our personalized touch, offering curated playlists and custom lighting tailored to your vision and taste. With our dedicated team handling every aspect of your entertainment, you can enjoy a stress-free celebration, knowing that every detail will be flawless. Additionally, our exclusive partnership with Être Farms allows you to access unique packages and premium services available only to our clients.

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Premium.  Unforgettable.  Seamless.


When you book at Être Farms

JellieFish Productions' services are available to you like no one else.

Our exclusive partnership provides you with access to bespoke DJ services that elevate your wedding to an extraordinary level. Enjoy custom playlists tailored to your unique tastes, stunning lighting designs that enhance the ambiance, and seamless coordination that ensures a flawless celebration. With JellieFish Productions at Être Farms, you receive unparalleled service and attention to detail, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Our expert DJ services complement the breathtaking elegance of Être Farms, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Elegant Setting

From curated playlists to custom lighting, we tailor every detail to your unique vision and taste.

Exclusive Offerings

Trust our dedicated team to handle every aspect of your entertainment, ensuring a flawless and enjoyable experience.

Stress-Free Celebration

Enjoy exclusive packages and premium services available only through our partnership with Être Farms.

Personalized Touch


Your Perfect Wedding Awaits

Complete the form below to begin planning your experience with JellieFish Productions at Etre Farms.

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Premium.  Unforgettable.  Seamless.


Whether you choose our BAE+ or Ultimate package, each option is designed to perfectly complement your wedding at Être Farms. Both packages offer a blend of exceptional DJ services, personalized music selections, and stunning visual enhancements to create an unforgettable celebration. From the essential features in the BAE+ package to the luxurious additions in the Ultimate package, you can be assured of a seamless and elegant experience that aligns with the sophisticated ambiance of Être Farms.

  • Customized Music Playlist: Curated to match your unique tastes and wedding theme.

  • Professional DJ Services: Experienced DJ to keep the energy high and ensure smooth transitions throughout your event.

  • State-of-the-Art Sound System: High-quality audio equipment for crystal-clear sound.

  • Ambient Lighting: Elegant lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of your venue.

  • Pre-Event Consultation: Personalized planning session to ensure all your preferences are met.

  • Basic Dance Floor Lighting: Subtle lighting effects to create a memorable dance floor experience.



  • Premium Sound System: Advanced audio equipment for impeccable sound quality and coverage.

  • Custom DJ Table: Select one of two luxury DJ tables to complement your theme and décor. 

  • Dynamic Lighting Design: Customized lighting effects, including uplighting, to create a stunning visual experience.

  • Epic Visuals: Visually stunning additions like a dynamic CO₂ gun and mesmerizing cold sparks will create an unforgettable spectacle for your celebration. 

  • Comprehensive Consultation: Detailed planning sessions to cover every aspect of your entertainment, ensuring a seamless execution.

  • Enhanced Dance Floor Experience: Advanced lighting and effects to transform the dance floor into a lively and vibrant space.

  • On-Site Technician: Dedicated technician for real-time adjustments and support throughout your event.

JellieFish Ultimate


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