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  • ​Proper sound for your event?
    Yup. We have so much sound we could put on a festival (Real talk : ) We could bore you (and we are more than happy to get into the specs of our equipment that we provide) but rest assured our engineers and sound technicians have worked countless hours to ensure you are getting what you deserve for the venue/ space you’ve selected for your special event. We have invested heavily into our sound. It truly does matter and we take it seriously. The Jellie-Warehouse is STACKED with top tier sound systems to make sure you get the quality sound for your day. From 50-100 guests, to 500+. You will get the full range sound that the artists intended for you to hear while we mix and blend their music for your special day. Overall and a quick note about proper sound: If your venue allows for proper sound (aka, not telling us that no subs / bass is allowed or putting a silly decibel limit on your party (cough 85 decibels is reached during your ceremony, so if your venue caps you at this limit…it’s nearly impossible to provide you a proper party volume. yes those venues do exist unfortunately and create a major headache for party vibes. Outside of this disclaimer, we have you fully covered. A lot of Dj’s skimp out on full range sound and only provide “PA” style sound which is sufficient for certain parties but lacks the range to properly cover your party. We don’t believe in that method whatsoever. Sound matters, especially for your once in a lifetime party. We gotchu : )
  • ​You don’t just show up, plug in, and play what we think is cool, do you?
    Absolutely not! Our goal is to curate a unique vibe specific to your taste but also not lose sight of the guests you’ve invited. We are not a push play DJ service or a “ just give us your playlist and we’ll hit shuffle (gross)” That’s not what a JellieFish party is about. We love to chat and go over the type of party crowd you’ve invited and pregame a music outline of suggestions that will fit you and your guests. You can call us a mini coordinator as we love to go over your timeline (seriously, we LOVE going over a simplified breakdown of what will flow best for not only you, but also all of your vendors) to make sure your day is smooth and your party is LIT! We work with your venue, coordinator photographer, videographer e.t.c. to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • How far do you travel?
    JellieFish Worldwide baby! Seriously we travel all over (even to Costa Rica… Pre-covid haha) Southwest Michigan is our hometown and we stay incredibly busy with all the venues we have near us, but we do travel. A Travel fee is applied to any location that’s outside of our 45 mile radius which is located in Stevensville MI. From the Great Lakes, to the grapes, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago, Indiana…you get the hint. We will travel to your wedding if you want the JellieFish experience : )
  • Can we meet for a consultation before booking?
    YES PLZZZ. We book so many events via email and social media which is fine, but we LOVE a good ol phone call or google meet up to get to know you and make sure we are a good fit for your party.
  • Can you supply equipment for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception?
    We sure can. That’s all part of our BAESIC+ package. Your venue might have some logistical nightmares for speaker placement and several different rooms that need sound. This is another reason why our JellieHouse is STACKED with sound so we can provide what you need for your party at no extra cost.
  • ​Do you have lighting that creates an epic environment? 
    Yo! Let’s get LIT! Every package we offer has dancefloor lighting which sufficiently “washes” your dancefloor with over 65 static custom colors and natural fades to fill the floor. No silly dots or lasers that make your dance pictures look like a cheap amazon light show. Wash lighting is elegant and also efficient for your floor. To truly light up your party, our JellieFish Lighting is the way to go. Add on our up lights to transform your space & illuminate your magical day. Up lighting goes around the room and cascades up against walls, bricks, pillars…everything! Our up lighting enhances your aesthetic. It will NOT diminish the natural beauty of your space. We just amplify it and once dancing kicks off, get ready to throw down. We run our lights through several programs and musical syncing options to levitate your party. These lights are NO JOKE and continually leave our couples and their guests in awe.
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